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The Dr. Walter Grand Neurosurgical Forum, Inc. was formed in 2016 to fund the annual neurosurgical conference held in the spring each year.   

The Dr. Walter Grand Neurosurgical Forum is a conference  open to Attending doctors, residents, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and lab staff.  While the conference is a neurosurgical conference, doctors in neurology, anesthesia and other specialties are also welcome to attend.  The first annual Neurosurgical Forum was held in 2004.

The conference is an informal meeting where Neurosurgeons are invited to discuss topics of their choice in a collegial atmosphere.  The forum is focused on gathering colleagues and associates at the Ponte Vedra conference center during the spring of each year.  The meeting is an asymmetric view of neurosurgery with a focus on topics not generally covered in the national meetings.

Doctors are free to present on any topic in neurosurgery.  Time is allotted for questions and discussion after each presenter.  The program is accredited through the ACCME for an average of 10.5 CME credits each year.

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Your Support Is So Very Much Appreciated!

The Dr. Walter Grand Neurosurgical Forum Inc., is grateful for the generous contribution from our many donors, without whom, this annual conference would not be possible. 

The Dr. Walter Grand Neurosurgical Forum, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Donations are deductible under IRS Section 170.

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  • Family legacy—A DAF is a powerful way to build or continue a tradition of family philanthropy.
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Thank you

Your Support is So Very Much Appreciated!

Thank you so much for your generous contribution to the Dr. Walter Grand Neurosurgical Forum :)
Without the support of donors like you our annual conference wouldn't be possible.

The Dr. Walter Grand Neurosurgical Forum, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Donations are deductible under IRS Section 170
EIN # 81-3708823
NY Tax exempt # EX266315
FL Tax exempt # 85-8017168018C-1

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